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NOVIUS s.r.o. provides complex tax, finance and economic services including accounting and payroll agendas.

Our goal is to not only lead you safely through the world of tax and accounting rules; we also want you to be satisfied with our services!

About Novius

NOVIUS was established at the end of 2005. Its partners and employees previously gained their practical experience within advisory and accounting firms (e.g. Deloitte, Mazars, Rödl& Partner) and, as such, have been performing their professions for 15 or more years.

Our clients are local and international companies as well as individual entrepreneurs and investors. They do business in the areas of real estate, technology and services (recruitment agencies, financial services, insurance, etc.). References can be provided upon request.

NOVIUS is a tax advisor registered with the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors. We are also a member of the American Chamber of Commerce.

NOVIUS closely co-operates with law firms, auditors, experts, insolvency administrators, etc. and provides its services in Czech, English and Russian.

NOVIUS strives to provide a high professional quality and standard of services. For each individual client we aim to reach an optimal result for theoutlay. Within the provision of its services Novius places a high priority on protecting the interests of each client, ensuring the confidentiality of received information and the prevention of any conflicts of interest. Our employees strive to create excellent relations with clients and provide services in a manner that exceeds their expectations.


Tax advisory

NOVIUS provides tax advisory services in all areas of taxation of legal entities and physical persons, international taxation and indirect taxes - VAT and similar.

Our experience enables us to effectively defend client interests before tax administrators, for example in disputes related to VAT refunds, eligibility of tax expenses, etc.

In the framework of tax advisory services we provide:

  • tax advisory for specific transactions (for example the acquisition or sale of real estate, international taxation, structured finance, etc.)
  • tax planning - based on the analysis of a concrete situation we ascertain possibilities of tax optimisation
  • tax due diligence
  • advisory in the area ofarm's length prices (transfer pricing)
  • preparation of or checking income tax returns for legal entities or physical persons, including other tax returns
  • tax audit in the course of the tax period; the goal of this activity is timely warning of potential deficiencies and tax risks; in the course of our controls we focus on the correct accounting and tax treatment of complicated accounting cases (mainly expenses, tangible assets, repairs and technical improvement)
  • complete representation of the client when dealing with the financial authoritiesregarding general issues, as well as representation during a tax control
  • representation of the client when dealing with other institutions (insurance companies, banks, etc.)

Administrative support services

We provide a complete service in the area of administrative support for starting companies or projects. We undertake all activities related to company establishment and all other connected administrative tasks.

In the framework of these services we provide:

  • establishment of the selected type of company and processing the whole related agenda
  • company seat or long-term residence for the entrepreneur
  • secretarial services related to receipt of official correspondence, telephone calls, etc.
  • collecting mail from the data box
  • directors, board members, supervisory board members, branch managers
  • negotiation with Czech state offices in the name of the established company

Accounting and payroll agenda

NOVIUS provides its clients with a complete accounting and payroll service. Not only do we offer clients the processing of standard reports, balance sheets and income statements, but also the processing of special reports based on concrete client requirements.

In the framework of accounting services we provide:

  • maintaining accounting evidence
  • maintaining payroll evidence
  • processing the value added tax (VAT) agenda
  • processing related tax returns
  • preparation of reports for economic decision making
  • ad-hoc accounting outputs
  • yearly financial statements

We have experience with the following accounting programs:

  • Economic and accounting program POHODA
  • Complex economic software Altus VARIO
  • MRP - Payroll and Human Resources
  • Money
  • ABRA

Financial and economic advisory

NOVIUS also provides financial and economic advisory services. If you aim to acquire financial resources for your business intentions, we can assist with preparation of your financial project for presentation to banks or investors.

We are also able to introduce our partners and clients that may have an interest in investing in your project.

In the framework of financial and economic services we provide:

  • preparing economic analyses towards investment objectives of investors in the Czech Republic
  • preparing complete applications for financing at whichever financial institution in the Czech Republic
  • arranging finance "pre-screening" - obtaining non-binding feedback froma financial institution
  • presentation of your financial objectives at banks or business partners


Should you wish more information about our office or the services we provide, please feel free to get in contact any time with the office partner:

NOVIUS s.r.o.
Na Baště sv. Jiří 258/7
160 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic

Jan Dvořák
Mob.: +420 774 210 650
Tel.: +420 222 212 941

Company ID: 27438031
Tax ID: CZ27438031

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