Accounting and tax worries shouldn't curb your business development

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Member of the Czech Chamber of Tax Advisors
With us you have certainty that your business is always compliant with current legislation. And that you don’t pay needlessly. Neither the state, nor us.

We create the barrier between your business and state bureaucracy.

Effectivity: pushing the boundaries of accounting automation

We utilise advanced methods of automation and digitalization of your accounting agenda. Routine tasks are taken care of by robots (at substantially reduced cost);  our people remain the experts.

Complexity: spectrum of services under one roof 

We are able to combine a wide range of financial services, from accounting and tax to legal and valuation services. We create the stable support you need for your firm’s development.

Personal approach: we are available whenever you need it

Accounting should fit the needs of the company and not the other way around. We respect your habits and processes. We know how to solve unique and urgent situations.

Reliability: our job is to create less work

You take care of business development, we make sure everything is legislatively compliant. From our inception in 2006 we haven’t had to settle any insurance claims or court cases.

Automatic and paperless accounting

Don’t pay your accountant to print documents, manually enter information into a system and then file them. Thanks to advanced software, this is all possible to do automatically.

  • quick, automatic processing of almost all documents
  • accessible and clear digital archive in place of a file
  • significant cost reduction (and paper volume)

How much would accounting automation save you?

Automation enables savings on the cost of accounting services by tens of percent. How much would it be for you? Contact us and and we'll calculate it.


How much would accounting automation save you? 20%, 50%, or more? We would gladly give you a no-obligation calculation.

Thanks to advanced software, these days most accounting operations can run automatically. Our robot colleague takes care of it and our professionals check his work, You therefore don’t have to pay your accountant to print documents, manually enter information into a system and then file them. In place of a file you have a digital archive in which you can easily find all you need for your business.

Interested in automation? Leave a message with your contact.

We’ll reply and agree on the next steps. We will prepare you a no-obligation calculation of what you can save.

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What we can help you with

We cover the entire agenda from complete accounting through tax advisory (we have a tax advisory certificate) to unique situations that you solve only once in a while.

Accounting and payroll agenda

Reduce costs to a minimum

Thanks to the possibility of extracting documents and automation of accounting processes, you save with us.

  • accounting
  • payroll agenda (also as a standalone service)
  • accounting for non-profit organizations
  • audit of company processes

Tax advisory and representation in front of the Financial Authorities

Have peace of mind you aren't paying tax needlessly

We have a certified tax advisor with years of experience. 

  • tax optimization
  • tax return preparation
  • tax advice on specific transactions
  • representation in proceedings with the financial office
  • tax audit and due diligence

Transactional services and solutions to unique situations

Benefit from our experience with Czech and international firms

We know how to solve non-standard accounting and tax situations, particularly cross-border transactions.

  • restructuring company/administrative processes
  • transactional services (fusion, acquisition...)
  • audits
  • liquidation
  • due diligence

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